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FISA News Roundup

FISA has been missing from the front pages of the nation's newspapers for a while, but behind the scenes and on the editorial pages, the story is still very much alive. The Hill recently reported that Congressional Republicans are changing focus away from FISA and towards economic issues: Minority...

European Parliament to Sarkozy: No "Three Strikes" Here

Despite last minute attempts by the French government to divide them, European MEPs today voted decisively against "three strikes", the IFPI-promoted plan to create a class of digital outcasts, forbidden from accessing the Net if repeatedly accused by music companies of downloading infringing content. In a vote held today, hundreds...

Liberate the B-24 Liberator!

Who owns the B-24, the bomber that helped win World War II? U.S. taxpayers paid for it, Consolidated Aircraft built it, U.S. military pilots flew it, but Lockheed Martin says it owns the bomber—or at least it owns the name. Some readers may already be familiar with the case of...

EFF Asks Court to Limit What Is Patentable

In re Bilski is an appellate court case that provides an opportunity to eliminate business method patents and curtail efforts to claim monopolies on basic human skills, behaviors, and interactions. Bilski is challenging the rejection of his application for a patent on a method of managing the risk of bad...

EU Politicians Strike Back Against Three Strikes

Last time we wrote about the EU's Bono Report on the Cultural Industries, it was to href="">warn of a rightsholders' hijack. Lobbying groups like href="">IFPI were encouraging amendments that would give a European Union stamp of approval to ISP filtering content, blocking sites and cutting off Net users...


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