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EFF to Appeals Court: Protect Software Interoperability

An essential principle of copyright law is under threat: the principle that a copyright cannot grant a monopoly over the idea of adding up numbers, drawing a design specified by the user, or moving a robot arm using the designer's movement commands. We are all free to write our own...

Spotting Shadow Regulation

Case Study: the UK's Search Engine Voluntary Code of Practice How do you tell the difference between a code of practice that responds to the needs of the Internet community as a whole, and a sweetheart deal cut between government and industry that avoids democratic accountability and sidelines users? This...

Congress Must Protect Americans’ Location Privacy

Your smartphone, navigation system, fitness device, and more know where you are most of the time. Law enforcement should need a warrant to access the information these technologies track. Lawmakers have a chance to create warrant requirements for the sensitive location information collected by your devices. Sen. Ron Wyden and...


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