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Expanded Government Hacking Powers Need Accompanying Safeguards

When should the government engage in “remote searches” of computers—i.e., government “hacking” to seize, infiltrate and/or search digital devices—and when should it use less invasive investigative methods? Changes to Rule 41 of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure went into effect on Dec. 1, making it easier than ever for law...

The New and Improved Privacy Badger 2.0 Is Here

EFF is excited to announce that today we are releasing Privacy Badger 2.0 for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically blocks hidden third-party trackers that would otherwise follow you around the web and spy on your browsing habits. Privacy Badger now has approximately 900,000...

Fair Use Is Essential to a Free Press

News Media Alliance’s Call to Weaken Protections Is Dangerous When copyright law and the First Amendment come into conflict, the First Amendment must win. The fair use doctrine—the idea that there are certain ways that you can use a piece of copyrighted work regardless of whether you have the rightsholder’s...


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