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It’s the Same Old Song: Big Content Pushes For Expanded Copyright Powers

Hoping once again to rewrite copyright law in its own interest, the copyright establishment—specifically music and publishing—is calling on President-elect Donald Trump to support “strong protections for intellectual property rights,” and to push search engines, hosting companies, and domain name registrars and registries to become copyright cops. Traditional music companies...

EFF's 2017 Wishlist

For the last five years, EFF has greeted the holiday season by publishing a list of things we'd like to see happen in the coming year. Sometimes these are actions we'd like to see taken by companies, and sometimes our wishes are aimed at governments, but we also include actions...

Trump on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press

No one can know for sure what the incoming Trump administration will do, but President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized and threatened the media in the United States. In lieu of attempting the impossible and predicting the future, we’ve gathered all of Trump’s stated positions on free speech and freedom...


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