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Stop the Border Surveillance Bills

UPDATE: EFF also opposes H.R. 3548. Like S. 1757, it would expand border surveillance with biometric, drone, and ALPR technologies. The bill, styled the Border Security for America Act, was introduced by Rep. McCaul in July. EFF opposes a new federal bill that would dramatically expand dragnet biometric...
Stop SESTA: Woman Holds Phone with 230 Free Speech Icon

Sex Trafficking Experts Say SESTA Is the Wrong Solution

As Congress considers passing an Internet censorship bill in the name of fighting sex trafficking, groups that work closely with trafficking victims have been warning Congress that the bill could put trafficking victims in even more danger. It’s essential that lawmakers listen to those groups before passing a law that...

Live Blog: House Discusses Section 230 Privacy info. This embed will serve content from -- 9:07 a.m.: The hearing ends on a positive note, with multiple members of the committee expressing a desire to address sex trafficking in a way that preserves the protections for online speech in Section...


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