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Why a Tax Break for Security Cameras Is a Terrible Idea

Law enforcement agencies around the country have been expanding their surveillance capabilities by recruiting private citizens and businesses to share their security camera footage and live feeds. The trend is alarming, since it allows government to spy on communities without the oversight, approval, or legal processes that are typically required...

Now Accepting Nominations for The Foilies 2017

Third Annual “Awards” Recognize the Worst in Government Transparency Government transparency shouldn’t be a battle, but too often when the public wants to see what their officials are up to they’re met with resistance, hostility, obfuscation, and even retaliation. For the third year in a row, the Electronic Frontier Foundation...

The State of Crypto Law: 2016 in Review

This year was one of the busiest in recent memory when it comes to cryptography law in the United States and around the world. But for all the Sturm und Drang , surprisingly little actually changed in the U.S. In this post, we’ll run down the list of things that...


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