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5 Years Later, Victory Over SOPA Means More than Ever

It would have happened slowly at first. A broken hyperlink here and there. A few Google searches with links leading to nowhere. In the beginning, global users of the web would have barely noticed pieces of the Internet going dark. Then there may have been a few investigative journalists piecing...

EFF to BART: Adopt Spy Tech Control Law

EFF urged the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board to adopt a new law that would ensure community control of whether to adopt new surveillance technologies. All too often, police executives unilaterally decide to adopt powerful new spying tools that invade our privacy, chill our free speech, and...

EFF's 100-Day Plan

The Trump presidency starts Friday. Here is the Electronic Frontier Foundation's agenda. In a matter of days, the United States will enter a new era. On Friday, President Elect Donald J. Trump will swear the oath of office, pledging to uphold the Constitution. But as EFF has learned in the...


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