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Catalog of Missing Devices Ad Free Youtube Kids

Catalog of Missing Devices: Ad Free Youtube Kids

Since the invention of the remote control, rightsholders and audience have fought a war over ads. The market for tools to skip, mask or mute ads holds publishers and marketers to account: they know that if their ads get too obnoxious, their audiences will be motivated to make them disappear...

Georgia Passes Anti-Infosec Legislation

Despite the full-throated objections of the cybersecurity community, the Georgia legislature has passed a bill that would open independent researchers who identify vulnerabilities in computer systems to prosecution and up to a year in jail. EFF calls upon Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to veto S.B. 315 as soon as...
Secure Messaging Month logo

Building A Secure Messenger

Given different people’s and community’s security needs, it’s hard to arrive at a consensus of what a “secure” messenger must provide. In this post, we discuss various options for developers to consider when working towards the goal of improving a messenger’s security. A messenger that’s perfectly secure for every single...

The John Perry Barlow Internet Ideas Symposium

John Perry Barlow Internet Ideas Symposium Saturday, April 7, 2018, from 2 PM to 6 PM The Internet Archive at 300 Funston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118 Join us for a celebration of the life and leadership of John Perry Barlow, the visionary co-founder of EFF and the Freedom of...


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