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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Congress Will Finally Make Its Research Reports Public

The recent omnibus bill passed by Congress contains a nugget of good news for those interested in access to publicly funded research. Open access activists have long been asking for reports by the Congressional Research Service, or CRS, to be made publicly and easily available. CRS creates a vast array...
Catalog of Missing Devices Ad Free Youtube Kids

Catalog of Missing Devices: Ad Free Youtube Kids

Since the invention of the remote control, rightsholders and audience have fought a war over ads. The market for tools to skip, mask or mute ads holds publishers and marketers to account: they know that if their ads get too obnoxious, their audiences will be motivated to make them disappear...

Georgia Passes Anti-Infosec Legislation

Despite the full-throated objections of the cybersecurity community, the Georgia legislature has passed a bill that would open independent researchers who identify vulnerabilities in computer systems to prosecution and up to a year in jail. EFF calls upon Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to veto S.B. 315 as soon as...


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