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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

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Student Monitoring Tools Should Not Flag LGBTQ+ Keywords

One of the more dangerous features of student monitoring tools like GoGuardian, Gaggle, and Bark is their “flagging” functionality. The tools can scan web pages, documents in students’ cloud drives, emails, video content, and more for keywords about topics like sex, drugs, and violence. They then either block or flag...

Dan Ellsberg at 2018 Pioneer Awards

Remembering Daniel Ellsberg

“Popular government without popular information is but the prologue to a farce or tragedy.” - James MadisonThe world lost an unmistakable voice this week, as Daniel Ellsberg passed away at 92. Dan will be remembered for many things, of course most prominently providing the Pentagon Papers to the New...

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What Reddit Got Wrong

After weeks of burning through users’ goodwill, Reddit is facing a moderator strike and an exodus of its most important users. It’s the latest example of a social media site making a critical mistake: users aren’t there for the services, they’re there for the community. Building barriers to access is...

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China Must Release Program Think Blogger Ruan Xiaohuan, Champion of Free Expression Who Spoke Out Against Censorship and Oppression

As the Chinese government cracked down on online free expression over the last decade, blocking access to information, filtering content, surveilling users for social control, and unleashing malware disproportionately against its own people, there was one steady, anonymous voice on the internet speaking out against government...


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