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Reimagining Public Safety: Can Surveillance Be A Fair & Effective Tool?

How does surveillance impact racial justice and public safety in Piedmont and our broader community? Join PREC, PADC, Piedmont League of Women Voters, and our panelists for a discussion on new surveillance technologies to monitor, track, and predict the actions of citizens.Featured SpeakersMatthew Guariglia, Policy AnalystElectronic Frontier FoundationMathew works on...

EU Parliament debate: Is Big Tech too powerful?

Since the European Commission proposed a comprehensive set of new rules for all digital services in December—including social media, online market places, and other online platforms—the policy community continues to face pressing digital rights questions: How should digital platforms be regulated? Can EU legislation prevent manipulation and polarization on social...

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Ban the Scan Press Conference

Ban the Scan Press ConferenceElectronic Frontier Alliance member The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.), as well as Amnesty International, New York City's Public Advocate, Legal Aid Society, National Action Network, Warriors In The Garden, Immigrant Defense Project, New York Civil Liberties Union, EFF, and other advocates will hold an...

"Code is Speech" and Other Cryptocurrency Concerns

Tues, Jan 26: ZCash Zeal Call with Danny O’Brien, Director of Strategy, Electronic Frontier FoundationIn this public call aimed at Zcash community members, we’ll talk about “code as speech,” and how that concept is viewed around the world. Danny will discuss global anti-encryption (and anti-decentralisation!) trends and what we...


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