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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

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Deeplinks Blog

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Social Media Platforms Must Do Better When Handling Misinformation, Especially During Moments of Conflict

In moments of political tension and social conflict, people have turned to social media to share information, speak truth to power, and report uncensored information from their communities. Just over a decade ago, social media was celebrated widely as a booster—if not a catalyst—for the democratic uprisings that swept...

SeaGL 2023

EFF is excited to support this year's Seattle GNU/Linux Conference, also known as SeaGL! This grassroots technical summit is dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about free/libre/open source software, hardware, and culture. As in past years, this year's SeaGL is free and open to everyone! The conference is in...

Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 35.13

It's spooky season 🎃 But don't let the latest digital rights news scare you—we've got a breakdown of the latest headlines with our EFFector newsletter. This latest issue covers the government spying law Section 702 and why it must end; our fight against the Kids Online Safety Act, and other...

Fall Members-Only Speakeasy: When Child Safety Puts Us All at Risk

Many tech users would like an internet that’s private, secure, and gives strength to disadvantaged voices. It could be a supportive place for everyone. But policymakers around the world have called for new measures to “protect the children” that give kids a second-class experience while simultaneously threatening everyone’s free speech...

Mastercard Should Stop Selling Our Data

We trust companies with our information every day. But many companies—even those that hold our most revealing information—are using it not just to provide the services we ask for, but to amp up their profits at the cost of our privacy.That's why EFF has joined a campaign, led by the...


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