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Myth/Facts about Retroactive Immunity and Attorneys

Bush Administration Press Secretary Dana Perino stooped to a new low at today's White House press briefing, presenting numerous myths about trial attorneys as part of the Administration's desperate plea to get retroactive immunity for its telecommunications partners. MS. PERINO: [Telecommunications companies] have the technology, they have the means...

John Perry Barlow and Katina Bishop speak at SanFran MusicTech Summit

Come Hear EFF Speakers at the SanFran MusicTech Summit on Monday, February 25! The SanFran MusicTech Summit seeks to bring together the best and brightest developers in the music and technology space, along with musicians, entrepreneurial business people, and organizations who work with them. EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow will...

Republicans Block FISA Talks

FISA legislation is stalled in the House. After walking out of meetings last week, House Republicans refused on Thursday to meet with congressional Democrats to discuss hammering out differences between the Senate and House bills. The message from the Republicans is clear: Absolutely no compromise, especially on the crucial...
Privacy issue banner, a colorful graphical representation of a padlock

Google Gets Healthy

In its endless quest to wring value from users’ personal data, Google is branching out into health records. The Internet search giant has just announced a pilot project that would allow users to combine all their personal health records (PHRs) -- information about prescriptions, allergies, injuries, health history etc --...

Research Team Finds Security Flaw in Popular Disk Encryption Technologies

San Francisco - A team including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Princeton University, and other researchers have found a major security flaw in several popular disk encryption technologies that leaves encrypted data vulnerable to attack and exposure. "People trust encryption to protect sensitive data when their computer is out of...

Adobe Pushes DRM for Flash

The immense popularity of sites like YouTube has unexpectedly turned Flash Video (FLV) into one of the de facto standards for Internet video. The proliferation of sites using FLV has been a boon for remix culture, as creators made their own versions of posted videos. And thus far there has...

EFF at Plutopia

Visit the EFF booth at Plutopia! in Austin, Texas, "the 8th Annual SXSW EFF-Austin Interactive Tech Gathering of the Tribes". Monday, March 10, 2008 Scholz Garten 1607 San Jacinto Blvd Austin, Texas 78701

No Immunity for Unknown Unknowns

Today, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell admitted that corporate complicity in legally dubious activities far exceeds what's already publicly known: The Associated Press reports: Already, [DNI McConnell] says the roughly 40 lawsuits filed against telecom companies nationwide have chilled the private sector's willingness to help the intelligence...
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Total Election Awareness

Over the last several years, EFF has strongly opposed the use of closed, unverifiable voting technologies, bringing litigation to investigate faulty machines and challenge bad practices as well as backing legislation that would move us towards more trustworthy elections. For 2008, EFF is making a new contribution to help keep...


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