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Deeplinks Blog

IMSI-Catchers Exploit Cell Networks

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Cell Phone Surveillance at Protests

As uprisings over police brutality and institutionalized racism have swept over the country, many people are facing the full might of law enforcement weaponry and surveillance for the first time. Whenever protesters, cell phones, and police are in the same place, protesters should worry about cell phone surveillance. Often, security...

Olive green EFF Speakeasy banner in an art deco style

Spring Members' Speakeasy Online: Part II

EFF's Members-Only Speakeasy was so popular that we're adding one more! Join us on Saturday, June 27th, to meet EFF and members around the world.Discover our latest work defending your freedom online and help us search for surveillance technologies deployed in our communities. You'll learn about EFF's Atlas of Surveillance...

EFF Asks Virginia Supreme Court to Rein in Indiscriminate Collection and Storage of License Plate Information

Like law enforcement agencies across the country, the police in Fairfax, Virginia, use automated license plate readers (ALPRs) to indiscriminately scan and record every passing car. The ALPRs don’t simply check for speeding, or outstanding tickets—instead, they store detailed information about the time, date, and location of each scan in...

Digital Security Advice for Journalists Covering the Protests Against Police Violence

This guide is an overview of digital security considerations specific to journalists covering protests. For EFF’s comprehensive guide to digital security, including advice for activists and protesters, visit Legal advice in this post is specific to the United States.As the international protests against police killings enter their third week,...

Can Interoperability Fix the Internet?

Join Lincoln Network for a discussion of the different approaches to interoperability, potential policy mechanisms to get us there, and why it’s important for the future of the Internet.Featuring:–Cindy Cohn, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation–Chris Riley, Director of Public Policy at Mozilla–Charlotte Slaiman, Competition Policy Director at Public...

Portland TA3M logo, with the text 'Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays'

Panel Discussion on Facial Recognition Use in Portland

Portland city officials are onsidering a facial recognition ban and are looking to go a step further and address use by private entities as well. There are many details to consider when adopting technologies like facial recognition, which can be used for surveillance. What are the costs and benefits? Who...


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