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Facebook Censorship

Offline/Online Project Highlights How the Oppression Marginalized Communities Face in the Real World Follows Them Online

People in marginalized communities who are targets of persecution and violence—from the Rohingya in Burma to Native Americans in North Dakota—are using social media to tell their stories, but finding that their voices are being silenced online. This is the tragic and unjust consequence of content moderation policies...

EFF at SCaLE 16x

We're happy to be returning to the 16th Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE), where you can find the EFF table in the expo hall all weekend. We're offering member special rates and unique EFF shwag for donation. Come say hi! More information about SCALe here: SCaLE 16X – the 16th...

The Cypherpunks Strike Back - Tomorrow's Tech Activism Today

EFF-Austin, a member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance, is hosting it's annual party. As the Austin team explains: At EFF-Austin's beloved annual party, we will meet and engage with a variety of modern activists who are showing us how we can fight for a better world where our technology works...

Stupid Patent of the Month: Buying A Bundle of Diamonds

This month’s Stupid Patent shows what happens when the patent system strays outside its proper boundaries. US Patent No. 8,706,513 describes a “fungible basket of investment grade gems” for use in “financial instruments.” In other words, it’s a rating and trading system that attempts to turn diamonds into a...


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