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Alternative News vs. the Surveillance State

The media has a crucial role to play in exposing how police are invading privacy through new technologies, and the alternative press has long been the standard bearers. At the 2018 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Digital Conference, EFF Investigative Researcher Dave Maass will provide an overview of surveillance tech and...

Playboy Entertainment Group v. Happy Mutants

Playboy Entertainment sued Happy Mutants, LLC, the company behind acclaimed website Boing Boing. Playboy accused Boing Boing of copyright infringement for reporting on a historical collection of Playboy centerfolds and linking to a third-party site. Boing Boing began life as a zine in 1988 before moving to the web in...

Georgia Must Block This Flawed Computer Crime Bill

The State of Georgia must decide: will it be a hub of technological and online media innovation, or will it be the state that criminalized terms of service violations? Will it support security research that makes us all safer, or will they chill the ability of Georgia’s infosec community...

The State of the Union: What Wasn’t Said

President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address last night was remarkable for two reasons: for what he said, and for what he didn’t say. The president took enormous pride last night in claiming to have helped “extinguish ISIS from the face of the Earth.” But he failed to...


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