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Podcast Episode - Right to Repair Catches the Car

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Deeplinks Blog

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Common Sense and Security: Body Scanners, Accountability, and $2.4 Billion Worth of Security Theater

The Transportation Security Administration is feeling public heat these days over its combination of whole-body-image scanners and heavy-handed pat-down searches, and deservedly so.
There’s no question that reform is needed to curtail TSA’s excesses. We especially applaud the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s efforts to increase public...

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EFF Calls on European Commission to Protect Internet Users’ Rights by Requiring Court Order Before ISP Takedowns

To provide greater protection for Internet users’ freedom of expression and privacy rights, EFF recommended that the European Commission (EC) should preserve limitations on liability for Internet intermediaries and clarify that Internet intermediaries should not be considered to have “actual knowledge” requiring them to takedown content unless they have received...

EFF Tool Offers New Protection Against 'Firesheep'

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched a new version of HTTPS Everywhere, a security tool that offers enhanced protection for Firefox browser users against "Firesheep" and other exploits of webpage security flaws.
HTTPS secures web browsing by encrypting both requests from your browser to websites...

Microsoft Embraces First Wave of Kinect Innovation

Good news: after some initial sword rattling, Microsoft has embraced hardware hackers for modifying the Kinect. When asked about Microsoft's stance on hardware hackers putting the Kinect to creative new uses, Shannon Loftis, Studio Manager at Microsoft Game Studios said, "As an experienced creator, I'm very excited to see...

Stand Up Against TSA’s Invasive Security Procedures

The Transportation Security Administration has adopted "enhanced" security procedures — presenting people with the horrible choice of either submitting to body scanners that show passengers unclothed or submit to what are called "groping" pat-down techniques which include touching both breasts and genitalia. As some have noted these processes appear...


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