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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Google Buzz Privacy Update

Over the weekend, Google announced significant changes to its new social networking service, Buzz. Responding to criticism (including EFF's), Google moved away from the system in which Buzz automatically sets you up to follow the people you email and chat with most. Instead, Google has adopted an auto-suggest...

Music Journalism is the New Piracy

Imagine you're a music journalist who maintains a blog. You've just found a great, new, virtually-unknown artist that you want to tell the world about. How can you do so, in a way that is simple and convenient for your readers, but does not place you or your blog's host...

Digital Books and Your Rights: A Checklist for Readers

San Francisco - What questions should consumers ask before buying a digital book or reader? Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published "Digital Books and Your Rights," a checklist for readers considering buying into the digital book marketplace.
Over the last few months, the universe of digital books has...

Digital Books and Your Rights: A Checklist for Readers

February 2010
I. Introduction

After several years of false starts, the universe of digital books seems at last poised to expand dramatically. Readers should view this expansion with both excitement and wariness. Excitement because digital books could revolutionize reading, making more books more findable and more accessible to more...

EFF Fights Illegal Search of Cell Phone in Thursday Hearing

Redwood City, Calif. - On Thursday, February 18, at 9:00 a.m., the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will urge a judge in Redwood City, California, to suppress evidence illegally gathered from an iPhone.
Police in Daly City, California, seized the suspect's phone during his arrest. Hours later, investigators searched through...

New Liberty Mecha T-Shirts and Posters!

Who needs a jetpack when you have a digital freedom-fighting robotic exoskeleton? Check out EFF's 20th Anniversary commemorative t-shirt and poster designed by EFF staff designer Hugh D'Andrade! The artwork features the EFF Liberty Mecha warrior lighting the way and kicking down walls for your online rights....

Online Software Reseller Battles Bogus Infringement Allegations

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), joined by a coalition of public interest, consumer, and library groups, urged a federal appeals court Thursday to preserve consumers' rights and the first sale doctrine in a battle over an Internet auction of used computer software.
Timothy Vernor is an...

Support EFF at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt!

This year, EFF will be receiving a portion of the proceeds from the San Francisco Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt on Saturday, February 27! If you've never participated before, you're in for a great time.
The Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt is a unique urban sleuthing adventure played on...

Appeals Court Backs EFF Push for Telecom Lobbying Documents Disclosure

San Francisco - Today a federal appeals court rejected a government claim of "lobbyist privacy" to hide the identities of individuals who pressured Congress to grant immunity to telecommunications companies that participated in the government's warrantless electronic surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans. As the court observed, "There is a...

EFF at SCaLE in Los Angeles!

See what's new in free and open source software at the Southern California Linux Expo from February 19-21! EFF is proud to support SCaLE and the open source community. Stop by our membership booth to say hello!
Westin LAX
5400 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles,...


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