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Podcast Episode: Open Source Beats Authoritarianism

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

House Passes Bill with No Immunity for Phone Companies

Wow. This morning, the House stood up for our rights and passed a FISA reform bill with no retroactive immunity for phone companies! This is a flat-out rejection of the bill passed by the Senate last month, which would have let phone companies off the hook for illegally delivering innocent...

EFF Applauds House Passage of Surveillance Bill with No Telecom Immunity

Washington, D.C. - This morning the House of Representatives passed a compromise surveillance bill that does not include retroactive immunity for phone companies alleged to have assisted in the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program. The bill would allow lawsuits like the Electronic Frontier Foundation's case against AT&T to proceed while providing...

Patent Office Grants EFF's Request for Reexamination of Online Gaming Patent

San Francisco - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has won reexamination of a bogus online gaming patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) the fifth successful reexamination request from EFF's Patent Busting Project.Sheldon F. Goldberg was awarded the illegitimate patent for online gaming systems that use tournament-style play, advertising,...

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Advocacy Groups Urge Congress to Hold Fast Against Immunity

In light of new allegations of unusual and suspicious telecom systems, 34 prominent advocacy groups have signed a letter urging Congress to hold fast in defending against telecom immunity.
Citing a significant body of opposition to telecom immunity, including a letter from leaders from the House Energy and...

A Free Speech Double Whammy: Flawed Anti-Phishing Bill Would Dilute Trademark Fair Use and Anonymity Protections

Congress is contemplating a so-called “Anti-Phishing Consumer Protection Act” (APCPA) that takes an odd view of consumer protection. In the name of stopping phishing schemes, Senator Olympia Snowe has introduced S. 2661, a bill that would expand trademark law, limit consumer access to information about competitive products, and eviscerate...

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Real ID Rebellion Roundup

Pedro Nava, a prominent California Assemblymember, introduced a non-binding resolution today that asks California's members of Congress to oppose Real ID, the unfunded federal mandate to turn driver's licenses into a national ID card. It highlights the state's growing opposition to Real ID as legislators and citizens begin to...

EFF Applauds House Stand Against Telecom Immunity

San Francisco - Today the leadership of the House of Representatives circulated a draft surveillance bill rejecting the president's demand that Congress immunize telecoms that illegally participated in the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program.
Rather than granting immunity, the bill would respond to the phone companies' complaints that they cannot...


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