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Podcast Episode: Antitrust/Pro-Internet

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

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Poking More Holes in the First Sale Doctrine

The parade of cases undermining the first sale exception of copyright law continued this week with an unfortunate ruling from the Second Circuit.
The “first sale” principle is what allows the purchaser of a copy of a book or CD or other copyrighted work to later resell that copy...

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Want Public Safety? Don't Disable Cell Phones

In response to outrage over last week's shutdown of cell phone service in four San Francisco stations on rumors of a planned protest, BART officials have repeatedly claimed their decision was necessary to maintain public safety. BART spokesman Linton Johnson has gone so far as to invent a new...

Ohio LinuxFest 2011

Join EFF at the ninth annual Ohio LinuxFest to be held September 9-11, 2011 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Hosting authoritative speakers and a large expo, the Ohio LinuxFest welcomes all Free and Open Source Software professionals, enthusiasts, and everyone interested in...

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Public Attention Keeps Threatened Blogger Safe in China

Dan Ward, attorney to pro-democracy activist and blogger Du Daobin, issued a statement yesterday that noted the efficacy of EFF's campaign to spread awareness about Cisco’s responsibilities to stand up for human rights:
As I have previously stated, recent events lead us to believe that the safety of...

The Engadget Show

EFF Staff Attorney Julie Samuels will be a guest Friday, August 19 on The Engadget Show. The show is taping live in New York City at 6 p.m.

SPEAKEASY: Burning Man

Spread the word!

SPEAKEASY: Burning ManWednesday, August 31, 2011 from 2-4 PMCamp Above the Limit at 9:30 & A
Join us on Wednesday, August 31st at Burning Man! EFF's Speakeasy events are free, informal member gatherings that give you...

Speakeasy: Burning Man

Join us on Wednesday, August 31st at Burning Man! EFF's Speakeasy events are free, informal member gatherings that give you a chance to mingle with fellow EFF supporters and meet the people behind the world's leading digital civil liberties organization. It is also our chance to thank you, the EFF...

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British Prime Minister Does a 180 on Internet Censorship

After several days of destructive riots throughout the UK, British Prime Minister David Cameron is practically tripping over himself in his eagerness to sacrifice liberty for security. In a speech before an emergency session of Parliament today, Cameron highlighted concern over rioters’ use of social media tools such as Facebook...

Humanities and Technology Association Conference

Bowie State University will host the third annual Humanities and Technology Association Conference, which will look at the impact of technology in society. EFF's Director for International Freedom of Expression, Jillian York, will be the keynote speaker for this event.
Conference registration and fee information:


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