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Deeplinks Blog

IFLA WLIC: Open Access from an Ethical and Legal Aspect

Join a panel of experts, including EFF Associate Director of Research Gennie Gebhart, to discuss the state of open access at the International Federation of Library Associations' 2019 World Library and Information Congress. Libraries have the responsibility of providing democratic access to information for the benefit of all. The work...

IFLA WLIC: Twenty Years of the IFLA Intellectual Freedom Statement

Join a panel of experts, including EFF Associate Director of Research Gennie Gebhart, to discuss trends in intellectual freedom and freedom of expression at the International Federation of Library Associations 2019 World Library and Information Congress. IFLA’s Intellectual Freedom statement was adopted 20 years ago this year, underlining the commitment...

Victory! California Supreme Court Blocks Sweeping Search Condition of Minors’ Electronic Devices and Social Media Accounts

The California Supreme Court just rejected the government’s attempt to require a youth probationer, as a condition of release, to submit to random searches of his electronic devices and social media accounts. The trial court had imposed the condition because the judge believed teenagers “typically will brag” about drug...

Rise of the Hackers: Don't fear them. Join them.

RISE OF THE HACKERS: Don’t fear them. Join them. (Saturday, August 17 at 5PM in Room 212ABCD) Moderated by Sheera Frenkel, New York Times Jennifer Arcuri, Founder, Hacker House, serial entrepreneur and disrupter Parisa Tabriz, Browser Boss, “Security Princess” and head of Project Zero, Google Eva Galperin, Director of Cybersecurity...
Pioneer 2019

Trailblazing Tech Scholar danah boyd, Groundbreaking Cyberpunk Author William Gibson, and Influential Surveillance Fighters Oakland Privacy Win EFF’s Pioneer Awards

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is honored to announce the winners of its 2019 Pioneer Awards: trailblazing tech scholar danah boyd, groundbreaking cyberpunk author William Gibson, and the influential surveillance-fighting group Oakland Privacy. The ceremony will be held September 12th in San Francisco. The keynote speaker for...
Pioneer Awards 2019 Logo

28th Annual Pioneer Award Ceremony

Every year, EFF opens nominations to the public to recognize leaders on the electronic frontier who are extending freedom and innovation in the realm of information technology. Their contributions may be technical, social, legal, academic, economic, or cultural. The celebration will include drinks, bytes, and excellent company. Join us...

DragonCon: Georgia's New Voting System-Thumb on the Scale?

Georgia is moving rapidly to upgrade its voting systems, while the purchase process has been plagued by claims of security problems in the new generation of technology, and vendor favoritism. What are the risks to the integrity of our vote and our democracy? Hayley Tsukayama, Keith Watson, TJ Mihill (Moderator)

DragonCon: EU Copyright Articles 13/15/17—What it Means in the USA

The European Union passed directives over stringent opposition requiring nearly all Internet publishers to filter content for copyright violations using automated filters. What are the risks, given that filters often fail or over-censor? Also, how will those outside of Europe be affected? Courtney Lytle, Kurt Opsahl (Moderator), K`Tetch, James Nettles...

DragonCon: Resisting Demands to Search Your Phone While Traveling

What happens if the TSA or CBP demands a password to your device, or biometric login, while you are traveling? Is it legal to refuse, and can you proceed to your destination without having your devices taken from you? What about your Fourth Amendment rights; do you have any while...


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