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Free Speech

Merkey v. Yahoo SCOX Groklaw et. al.

EFF defended anonymous online speakers from frivolous subpoenas. After suing Internet users who had allegedly made critical comments about him on message boards and blogs, a Utah man asked the court to let him subpoena the names of the anonymous "John Doe" critics. The Utah District Court agreed with EFF...
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MGM v. Grokster

EFF defended the right of innovators to build new technologies without begging Hollywood's permission first. Hollywood has hoped to control innovation by overturning the "Betamax doctrine" - the bedrock principle that the developer of a technology with substantial legal uses cannot be held liable for users' copyright violations. In the...

Microsoft v. i4i

In this case the Supreme Court rejected efforts by EFF, Microsoft and others to make it easier to invalidate a patent. Here’s some background: In court parties have to prove their case by some "standard of proof." In almost all civil cases the standard is "preponderance of the evidence" –...

Mobilisa v. Doe

Software development company seeks identity of John Doe who obtained email initially sent by company's CEO to his mistress and forwarded the email to company employees.

MoveOn Brave New Films v. Viacom

EFF and Stanford Law School's Fair Use Project (FUP) asked a federal court on March 22 2007 to protect the free speech rights of Civic Action and Brave New Films after their satirical send-up of "The Colbert Report" was removed from YouTube following a baseless copyright complaint from media...

MPAA v. The People

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announced that the major Hollywood motion picture studios would be filing hundreds of lawsuits against individuals using peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software to access movies online. In so doing Hollywood follows in the footsteps of the music industry which has filed more than 6...

Naas v. Anonymizer et al.

Complaint filed in an Ohio lawsuit against (a provider of anonymous Internet service) and several other parties (mostly John Doe defendants) in which a defamed plaintiff attempts to hold the service provider liable for third parties' defamatory statements.

Napster Cases Archive

Directory of info on the legal disputes surrounding the Napster peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing service (principally used for trading MP3 music files).

NASA v. Nelson

EFF urged the United States Supreme Court to uphold an appeals court decision that blocks invasive and unnecessary background checks at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) arguing that the over-collection of personal data puts employees' privacy at risk. The case was originally filed by federal contract employees working...

National Federation of the Blind v. Volusia County

EFF defended the use of voter-verifiable paper trails in Florida. The National Federation of the Blind filed suit to force Volusia County, Florida to spend approximately $700,000 of state funds on Diebold voting equipment that the county had repeatedly rejected. EFF and a Florida attorney filed an emergency friend-of-the-court brief...
Free Speech

Nitke v. Ashcroft

Nitke et. al. v. Ashcroft challenges the obscenity provisions in the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Barbara Nitke a New York photographer who works with erotic subject matter has joined with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in a suit that attacks the constitutionality of provisions in the CDA that create...

NSA Multi-District Litigation

This page collects pleadings and other information from the multi-district litigation that apply to all of the cases or that are not otherwise included in the specific case pages for the multi-district litigation arising from the warrantless wiretapping. This includes decisions that affect all of the cases together, case administration...

NSA Spying - State Administrator Cases

These six cases were brought by the federal government against various state administrators to terminate subpoenas seeking information from the telecoms about whether they violated state privacy laws as part of the the warrantless surveillance. The subpoenas were issued by the New Jersey Attorney General and the Public Utilities Commissioners...

OdioWorks v Apple

EFF filed suit against Apple Inc. to defend the First Amendment rights of an operator of a noncommercial public Internet "wiki" site known as Bluwiki. EFF and the San Francisco law firm of Keker & Van Nest represent OdioWorks LLC which runs the BluWiki website. Like many “wiki” platforms such...


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