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EFF Speaking at FTC "Exploring Privacy" Roundtable

EFF Staff Attorneys Lee Tien and Kevin Bankston will be discussing various privacy topics alongside EFF Staff Technologist Peter Eckersley.
University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
Booth Auditorium, Boalt Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7200
For up-to-date information:

12 Trends to Watch in 2010

It's the dawn of a new year. From our perch on the frontier of electronic civil liberties, EFF has collected a list of a dozen important trends in law, technology and business that we think will play a significant role in shaping online rights in 2010.
In December,...

Have You Been Subjected to Suspicionless Laptop Search or Seizure at the Border?

EFF has long fought for the privacy of your laptop and other digital devices at the border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has implemented program that authorizes searches of the contents of travelers’ laptop computers and other electronic storage devices at border crossings, notwithstanding the absence of probable cause, reasonable...

vintage keys in a web of nodes

Gmail Takes the Lead on Email Security

Last night, Google announced that Gmail sessions will now be fully encrypted with HTTPS by default. This is excellent news — EFF congratulates Google for taking this significant step to safeguard their users' privacy and security.Previously, it was possible to encrypt your access to Gmail, but it required...

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Uncensoring China: Bravo Google

Google has publicly announced that that it will cease censorship of its Chinese language, website, and is reviewing the feasibility of its entire operation in that country. This follows its detection of malicious attacks on the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists and what Google calls an...

Political Parodists Strike Back Against U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Washington - A group of political activists including members of the Yes Men and the Action Factory have moved to dismiss a meritless lawsuit filed by the United States Chamber of Commerce accusing the activists of infringing the Chamber's trademarks in the course of a political parody highlighting the Chamber's...

EFF at CES in Las Vegas!

EFF will be at The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show this week! From January 7-10, see us at the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall in the Publication and Trade Association Lounge area next to main registration. Be one of the first 99 visitors to locate us and score a...


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