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Podcast Episode: AI in Kitopia

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

EFF Calls for Release of Razan Ghazzawi

Update: According to her lawyers, Razan has been charged with "establishing an organization that aims to change the social and economical entity of the state" and "weakening the national sentiment, and trying to ignite sectarian strife" and "weakening national sentiment" -- all of which, according to Lebanon's Daily Star,...

28C3: Behind Enemy Lines

EFF's Technology Progjects Director, Peter Eckersley, will desribe the Sovereign Key system, an EFF proposal for improving the security of SSL/TLS connections against attacks that involve Certificate Authorities (CAs) or portions of the DNSSEC hierarchy.
This marks the 28th Chaos Communication Congress, an annual four-day event focusing on technology,...

Puerto 80 v. US

EFF urged a federal court to return two domain names seized in the U.S. government's fundamentally flawed anti-infringement campaign.
EFF's amicus brief was filed in support of a petition from Puerto 80, the Spanish company behind popular sports streaming sites and, which were both seized by U.S....

Blacklist Bills Ripe for Abuse, Part I: "Market-Based" Systems

Proponents of the misguided Internet blacklist legislation — the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) — downplay the idea that the overbroad bills could be used for censorship. But one only needs to look at the way existing copyright laws have been abused to know...

Join Now and EFF Gets 4x Power Up

Update 12/09/2012: We are proud to announce a new $10,000 matching grant from Blake Krikorian to Power Up donations, starting at 6:30AM today. Thank you to everyone who helped us fly by our first two goals and surpass $40,000 in 12 hours!
Update 12/08/2012: Thanks to...


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