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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

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Members of UK Parliament Recommend Censoring Online Extremism

In a report published last week, members of the United Kingdom Parliament concluded that the Internet plays a major role in the radicalization of terrorists and called on the government to pressure Internet Service Providers in Britain and abroad to censor online speech. The Roots of Violent Radicalisation places...

SF MusicTech Summit

Join us in celebrating the 10th SF MusicTech Summit on Monday, February 13th, 2012! The Summit brings together over 1000 visionaries in the music/technology space, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians and organizations who work with them at the convergence...

Canada’s C-11 Bill and the Hazards of Digital Locks Provisions

While copyright owners claim that they need anti-circumvention laws to address copyright infringement, twelve years’ experience with the U.S. DMCA provisions demonstrates that overbroad digital locks laws can wreak havoc on lawful, non copyright-infringing activities, stifle free speech and scientific research, and harm innovation and competition. The issue is that...

Don’t Let the U.S. Pressure Canada into Repeating The Same Mistakes

In countries across the world, content copyright industries have been lobbying for laws that would break the Internet in the name of copyright enforcement. Such regulations could terminate user access to the Internet on an allegation of copyright infringement, enact website blocking powers that would make parts of the global...

The Heartbreaking Truth About Online Dating Privacy

San Francisco - Millions of people use Internet dating sites to search for love and connection every day, but it could come a big cost for their privacy and security. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has found that many services are taking shortcuts in safeguarding users' profiles and other sensitive...


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