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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

How Nonprofits Can Defend Digital Rights and Themselves in the Post-SOPA Era

Join EFF activism director Rainey Reitman and craigslist founder Craig Newmark for a frank discussion about the biggest dangers facing online rights today and why nonprofit organizations should be worried about these threats to the Web.
2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference
Date: Tuesday, April 3rd
Time of talk:...

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Mobile User Privacy Bill of Rights

Mobile smartphone apps represent a powerful technology that will only become more important in the years to come. But the unique advantages of the smartphone as a platform—a device that's always on and connected, with access to real world information like user location or camera and microphone input—also raise privacy...

Help EFF Bust the Dangerous Jones Patent

Ridden the bus or train lately? Then you’ve probably checked your phone to find out when it will arrive. Or if you shop online, you’ve probably checked to see when your packages will arrive. If patent troll ArrivalStar has its way, this could all change. ArrivalStar has launched a blitzkrieg...

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Keep the Pressure On: Canadian Online Surveillance Bill on Pause, But the Fight Continues

Last Saturday, the Canadian government announced it would put proposed online surveillance legislation temporarily "on pause" following sustained public outrage generated by the bill. Since its introduction two weeks ago, Canadians have spoken out en masse against Bill C-30, the Canadian government’s latest attempt to update police...


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