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Deeplinks Blog

Image with house in middle. On left, everything is grey and brown with one thin wire running underground to the house. On left, blue sky, three thick, bright wires run underground to the house

Enough of the 5G Hype

Wireless carriers are working hard to talk up 5G (Fifth Generation) wireless as the future of broadband. But don’t be fooled—they are only trying to focus our attention on 5G to try to distract us from their willful failure to invest in a proven ultrafast option for many Americans: fiber...

Informed Citizens Series

A panel of attorneys from the Florida Civil Rights Coalition, a grassroots group in the Electronic Frontier Alliance, will host a discussion about constitutional rights at the Delray Beach Public Library.

Life as an EFF Activist

EFF Is Looking for a Great Writer to Help Us Fight Surveillance I just woke up, and I’m drafting a memo for a Congressional staffer, explaining the ways that a new censorship bill will be dangerous for free speech and innovation. One of my colleagues is in Washington, D.C., and...


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