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Deeplinks Blog

Victory: Internet Censorship Bill is Delayed, For Now

This morning's Politico brought with it great news for those who care about free speech and fair use online:

A markup on SJC Chairman Leahy’s IP infringement bill was postponed late Wednesday, as staffers anticipated the chamber would finish legislative work and adjourn for recess before the hearing could...

NARM Entertainment Law Conference

EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne McSherry will be participating in a panel discussion speaking on "The Digital First Sale Doctrine: Who Owns — or Licenses — Digital Products and Content?" The panel will debate several ongoing cases that may define whether purchasers of games, music and...

Copyright Troll

A Field Guide to Copyright Trolls

With all of this talk about copyright trolls and spamigation, it is easy to get confused. Who is suing over copies of Far Cry and The Hurt Locker? Who is suing bloggers? Who is trying to protect their anonymity? Who is defending fair use? What do newspapers have to do...

Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Gwen Hinze will be participating in the 60th session of the Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, representing the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council. The meeting will discuss issues involving Internet intermediary regulation, legal and policy frameworks for the...

Failcon: User Privacy: Where is the LIne?

EFF's Legal Director Cindy Cohn joins a panel discussing "User Privacy: Where is the Line?" at Failcon '10.
FailCon is the premier conference on start-up failures and how to prepare and recover from them.
Join over 400 entrepreneurs, developers, investors, marketers, service providers, press, and more at...

TEDxSoMa: Openness and Privacy

EFF Senior Technologist Seth Schoen will speak on openness at TEDxSoMa,a unique experience bringing together innovative ideas and people to grow the collective conscience. TEDxSoMa events hope to:
* Foster education, innovation and exploration
* Create an interactive experience
* Inspire collaboration and community

California Ban on Violent Videogames Violates First Amendment

Washington, D.C. - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and The Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF) urged the United States Supreme Court Friday to protect the free speech rights of videogame creators and users, asking the justices to uphold a ruling throwing out unconstitutional restrictions on violent videogames.
At issue...


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