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Podcast Episode - Securing the Vote

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

EFF Applauds House Stand Against Telecom Immunity

San Francisco - Today the leadership of the House of Representatives circulated a draft surveillance bill rejecting the president's demand that Congress immunize telecoms that illegally participated in the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program.
Rather than granting immunity, the bill would respond to the phone companies' complaints that they cannot...

Bloggers Respond to WSJ's NSA Surveillance Article

Bloggers have already begun tackling the Wall Street Journal's "omnibus" article about expansive domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA). While many posts are providing large excerpts thanks to the Wall Street Journal's onerous paywall (which actually seems to be disabled for the story at the time of...

Plaintiffs Speak Out Against Telecom Immunity

The Bush administration and its supporters have repeated complaints about "greedy trial lawyers" so many times that they're beginning to sound like one of those clips on the Daily Show -- you know, the ones that show talking points being repeated so many times that it becomes painfully obvious how...


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