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The State of the Union: What Wasn’t Said

President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address last night was remarkable for two reasons: for what he said, and for what he didn’t say. The president took enormous pride last night in claiming to have helped “extinguish ISIS from the face of the Earth.” But he failed to...

California’s Senate Misfires on Network Neutrality, Ignores Viable Options

Yesterday, the California Senate approved legislation that would require Internet service providers (ISPs) in California to follow the now-repealed 2015 Open Internet Order. While well-intentioned, the legislators sadly chose an approach that is vulnerable to legal attack. The 2015 Open Internet Order from the Federal Communications Commission provided important privacy...

¿El fin de una Internet libre, abierta e inclusiva?

Este artículo fue escrito por Edison Lanza, Relator Especial para la Libertad de Expresión de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos. En poco más de 20 años se hizo evidente el potencial de Internet para el ejercicio de las libertades, la educación, el impacto de las redes sociales; y la...

Private Censorship Is Not the Best Way to Fight Hate or Defend Democracy: Here Are Some Better Ideas

From Cloudflare’s headline-making takedown of the Daily Stormer last autumn to YouTube’s summer restrictions on LGBTQ content, there's been a surge in “voluntary” platform censorship. Companies—under pressure from lawmakers, shareholders, and the public alike—have ramped up restrictions on speech, adding new rules, adjusting their still-hidden algorithms and...

Build Your Own Internet

What if the internet wasn't about connecting to Comcast, AT&T, Google, or Facebook? What if it meant connecting directly with your friends, neighbors, and community...? Come over to the Omni Commons for the Build Your Own Internet (BYOI) workshop, featuring a panel on net neutrality including EFF's Shahid Buttar. Let's...

Unwarranted Surveillance

The Journal Of Law And Technology At Texas (JOLTT) and EFF-Austin are proud to present the panel Unwarranted Surveillance, featuring EFF's Shahid Buttar and Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck from the UT School of Law.


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