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Podcast Episode: Chronicling Online Communities

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

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EFF and ACLU of Northern California to ISPs and Content Owners: Do Your Part to Protect Political Speech

Coauthored by ACLU of Northern California Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director Nicole A. OzerOn blogs, personal and political websites, and through user generated content sites, ordinary citizens in extraordinary numbers are recreating a public sphere and reinvigorating the democratic debate at the core of our political system. 46% of...

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The FCC and Regulatory Capture

Earlier this month, Internet users welcomed the FCC's ruling against Comcast for interfering with BitTorrent uploads, celebrating the action as a victory for net neutrality. Reigning in Comcast's dishonest behavior was the right thing to do in this case, but many observers are worried that the FCC is establishing...

Judge Lifts Unconstitutional Gag Order Against MIT Students

Boston - Today, a federal judge lifted an unconstitutional gag order that had prevented three Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students from disclosing academic research regarding vulnerabilities in Boston's transit fare payment system. The court found that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Agency (MBTA) had no likelihood of success on the...

Victory for MIT Students in MBTA Lawsuit Hearing

Today, Judge George O'Toole lifted the gag order on three MIT students who were sued by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority for discovering a security vulnerability in the MBTA's fare payment system. The Court found that the MBTA was not likely to prevail on the merits of its claim under...

MIT Coders' Free Speech At Stake

As regular Deeplinks readers know, EFF's Coders' Rights Project is defending the rights of three MIT students who were prevented from presenting their research on security vulnerabilities in Boston's transit fare payment system. The students were hit with a temporary restraining order that silenced their planned presentation at DEFCON.


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