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Deeplinks Blog

Google Security

Google’s Advanced Protection Program Offers Security Options For High-Risk Users

Security is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and features that are prohibitively inconvenient for some could be critical for others. For most users, standard account security settings options are sufficient protection against common threats. But for the small minority of users who might be targeted individually—like journalists, policy makers, campaign staff...

Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The EFF is proud to be a Community Partner for the 2018 Human Rights Watch Film Festival, where we're excited to help present Nicholas de Pencier's "Black Code" at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA). "From Syrian citizens tortured for Facebook posts to Brazilian activists using social media to livestream...

EFF to Court: Requiring Universities to Ban Anonymous Online Speech Platforms on Campus is Counterproductive and Unconstitutional

Requiring public universities to ban access to anonymous online speech platforms would undermine activism occurring on those campuses and violate the First Amendment, EFF argued in a brief filed on Thursday. Plaintiffs in the case, Feminist Majority Foundation et al. v. University of Mary Washington, claim that university officials...
Music & Copyright

Happy Together Once More: The California Supreme Court and Congress Take Up The Question of Copyright in Old Music Recordings

Federal copyright law doesn’t give artists and labels the right to control most ways music recordings are played in public. That’s how FM and AM radio stations work. That’s how stores playing soothing “don’t you want to buy something?” music work. And that’s how restaurants playing music at an uncomfortably...

EFF to Court: Linking Is Not Copyright Infringement

Los Angeles, California—Playboy Entertainment's lawsuit accusing acclaimed website Boing Boing of copyright infringement—for doing nothing more than reporting on a historical collection of Playboy centerfolds—is groundless and should be thrown out, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) told a federal court today. As EFF and co-counsel Durie Tangri...


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