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Deeplinks Blog

EFF at DragonCon 2023

Join EFF at DragonCon! We're excited to be back with a membership booth in the Hilton and bunch of talks on the Electronic Frontiers Forum track @ DragonCon.Join the CauseCome find us in the Hilton—next to the escalators—to talk about the latest in online rights, get on our action alerts...

Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 35.10

Need to catch up on the latest in the digital freedoms movement? EFF has you covered with our EFFector newsletter, featuring updates, upcoming events, and more! Our newest issue covers work around various censorship bills like KOSA, the illegal spying law Section 702, and features our thoughts about surveillance and...

Portland's TA3M: Expanding the Scope of Their Work in PDX

Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meet-up designed to connect software creators and activists who are interested in issues like censorship, surveillance, and open technology. Portland’s TA3M continues to focus on educational events and recently expanded that focus to include privacy, security, and sometimes other tech-related topics. Here, EFF...

Picture of 2017 EFF Award Winners and staff

Join Us At the 2023 EFF Awards

WHAT ARE THE EFF AWARDS?For over thirty years, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has presented awards recognizing key leaders and organizations advancing innovation and championing digital rights. The EFF Awards celebrate the accomplishments of people working toward a better future for technology users, both in the public eye and behind...

Something Digital

EFF Director for International Freedom of Expression, Jillian C. York, will be keynoting Brisbane's Something Digital conference on the topic of digital dissent and protecting free expression in a connected world.

3 types of trackers on green and orange backgrounds

The Industry Discussion About Standards For Bluetooth-Enabled Physical Trackers Is Finally Getting Started

Bluetooth-enabled location trackers such as Tiles and AirTags aren’t just a helpful way to find missing luggage or a misplaced wallet—they can also be easily slipped surreptitiously into a bag or car, allowing stalkers and abusers unprecedented access to a person’s location without their knowledge. At EFF, we have been...


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