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Hack Back Web Series Premiere

Written and directed by Messiah Rhodes, associate producer at VICE, Hack Back chronicles the lives of three people, living with pangs of alienation, loneliness, and the struggle found in a life filled with tenuous low wage employment. The series is designed to demystify digital security in a subliminal and fun...

Lifting the Cloak of Secrecy From NYPD Surveillance Technology

For too long, the New York Police Department has secretly deployed cutting-edge spy tech, without notice to the public. Many of these snooping devices invade our privacy, deter our free speech, and disparately burden minority and immigrant communities. Fortunately, a proposed ordinance (“the POST Act”) would lift the cloak of...


Seth Schoen presents a keynote address on "The Cypherpunk's Anonymity" at the conference A wie ANONYM. KampnagelJarrestraße 20, Hamburg, Germany

TurkuSec October 2018 meeting

Seth Schoen speaks on "The History of the Battle for Privacy". TurkuSec October meetupSparkUp TurkuTykistökatu 4b, Turku, Finland


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