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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

How to Fix the Internet - Ron Wyden - 'I Squared" Governance

Podcast Episode: 'I Squared' Governance

Imagine a world in which the internet is first and foremost about empowering people, not big corporations and government. In that world, government does “after-action” analyses to make sure its tech regulations are working as intended, recruits experienced technologists as advisors, and enforces real accountability for intelligence and law enforcement...

A redacted document labeled The Foilies hangs on a fishing hook inside a fishbowl

The Foilies 2024

For Sunshine Week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and MuckRock compile the year's worst and most ridiculous responses to public records requests and other attempts to thwart public access to information, including through increasing attempts to gut the laws guaranteeing this access—and we issue these agencies and officials tongue-in-cheek "awards" for...
EFF Tech Trivia, along with the images of three brains made of circuits

Join us for EFF's 8th Annual Tech Trivia Night!

Join us in San Francisco on May 9th for EFF's 8th annual Tech Trivia Night! Explore the obscure minutiae of digital security, online rights, and internet culture.Enjoy delicious tacos, churros, and complimentary adult beverages and soft drinks as you and your team battle through rounds of questions—and cutthroat live judging!—to...


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