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Deeplinks Blog

Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon

This weekend, EFF is celebrating the life and work of programmer, activist, and entrepreneur Aaron Swartz by participating in the 2022 Aaron Swartz Day and Hackathon. This year, the event will be held in person at the Internet Archive in San Francisco on Nov. 12 and Nov. 13. It will...

EFF Award Winner: Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens will receive an EFF Award for Right to Repair Advocacy this week. Kyle Wiens is CEO and co-founder of iFixit and a godfather of the Right to Repair movement who has empowered millions of people to fix their own goods, keep jobs, and reduce waste, while also helping...
A smart meter alert glows red while cops approach a suburban home

Sacramento County Resident Joins EFF Lawsuit After Illegal Sharing of His Electricity Usage Data Makes Him a Target of Law Enforcement

The Sacramento County Utility District (SMUD) and the Sacramento Police Department are running an illegal data sharing scheme, with the police making bulk requests for customers’ energy usage data to enforce a cannabis grow ordinance, according to a new EFF lawsuit.The secret data sharing arrangement violates SMUD customers’...

EFF Award Winner: Digital Defense Fund

Digital Defense Fund will receive an EFF Award for Civil Rights Technology this week. The fund launched in 2017 to meet the abortion rights movement’s increased need for security and technology resources after the 2016 election. This “multidisciplinary team of organizers, engineers, designers, abortion fund and practical support volunteers” provides...

Contemporary First Amendment Politics

Veridiana Alimonti, Associate Director for Latin American Policy at EFF, will appear on "Contemporary First Amendment Politics," at the California State University, Los Angeles, to bring a Latin American perspective to the discussion on the intersection between free speech and privacy.Gabriel Noah Brahm (Northern Michigan University), Louis Edgar Esparza (California...

EFF Award Winner: Alaa Abd El-Fattah

Alaa Abd El-Fattah will receive an EFF Award for Democratic Reform Advocacy this week. An Egyptian-British blogger, software developer, and political activist, Alaa is perhaps the most high-profile political prisoner in Egypt if not the entire Arab world.

WikiConference North America/Mapping USA

EFF's Atlas of Surveillance team are presenting at this year's joint WikiConference North America/Mapping USA conference.Mapping the Virtual Border Wall with Public Records, Satellite Imagery, and Virtual Reality by Dave MaassNovember 11, 2022 - 2:25-3:05 PM Eastern Time (Lightning Talk)EFF Director of Investigations Dave Maass demonstrates how the team is...


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