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Daycare and Early Childhood Education Apps: 2022 in Review

Last year, several parents at EFF enrolled kids into daycare and were instantly told to download an application for managing their children’s care. These applications frequently include notifications of feedings, diaper changes, pictures, activities, and who picked-up/dropped-off the child—potentially useful features for overcoming separation anxiety of newly enrolled children and...

The banner for the 2022 Year in Review blog series

A Roller Coaster for Decentralization: 2022 in Review

This year has been a roller coaster for the movement to decentralize the services and tools that we rely on every day. Decentralizing internet services may help remedy concerns ranging from traditional big business competition to online privacy.In order to devote closer attention to these issues which impact user autonomy...

The banner for the 2022 Year in Review blog series

2022 Year in Review

It's impossible to cover everything we’ve done this year in a blog post that doesn’t take the whole new year to read. But rest assured, we did a lot and none of it would be possible without our members, supporters, and all of you who stood up and took action...
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User Generated Content and the Fediverse: A Legal Primer

A growing number of people are experimenting with federated alternatives to social media like Mastodon, either by joining an “instance” hosted by someone else or creating their own instance by running the free, open-source software on a server they control. (See more about this movement and joining the fediverse ...

EFF Cat Speaking Freely

We Need to Talk About Infrastructure

Essential internet infrastructure should be content-neutral. These services should not make editorial decisions that remove content beyond the scope of the law. This is in part because history shows that any new censorship methods will eventually be abused and that those abuses often end up hurting the least powerful. That’s...


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