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Podcast Episode: AI in Kitopia

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Blogging WIPO: The New Development Agenda

Last year the World Intellectual Property Organization adopted a set of 45 ground-breaking proposals on how WIPO should reorient its operations to foster economic and social development within its 182 Member States. The Development Agenda proposals are intended to require WIPO to take a broader approach to promoting creativity...

Plaintiffs Speak Out Against Telecom Immunity

The Bush administration and its supporters have repeated complaints about "greedy trial lawyers" so many times that they're beginning to sound like one of those clips on the Daily Show -- you know, the ones that show talking points being repeated so many times that it becomes painfully obvious how...

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Wanted: Prior Art to Bust Firepond/Polaris Patent

The Patent Busting Project fights back against bogus patents by filing requests for reexamination against the worst offenders. We've successfully pushed the Patent and Trademark Office to reexamine four of the ten patents on our Most Wanted list, and now we need your help to bust another.A company called Polaris...

Washington Post Columnist Explains "Why Immunity Matters"

In today's Washington Post, Dan Froomkin's column examines the Bush Administration's "three-part argument for immunity, based on concerns about fairness, secrecy and future cooperation." As Froomkin notes, "all three parts of this argument are flawed," and rightly concludes that "none of these points argue for retroactive immunity." The column...


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