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How to Fix the Internet: Don't Be Afraid to Poke the Tigers

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

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Victory! to Drop Facial Recognition Requirement for Government Services

First, the Internal Revenue Service reversed course from its recent announcement that it was partnering with, a third-party identity verification service, to use facial recognition for verification of users managing many aspects of their taxes online. Now,—which provides identity verification services for dozens of government agencies—says...

Ohio: Don’t Give Big Tech a Pass On Privacy

Ohio lawmakers are giving big tech companies a gift in the form of the Ohio Personal Privacy Act. This law purports to strike a balance between consumer protection and company demands. Instead, it stacks the deck even further against individuals who want to protect their privacy.The OPPA would enshrine privacy...

Fair February 2022: Data Science & Social Justice

Fair February 2022: Data Science & Social JusticeFair February is an interdepartmental, three-week symposium hosted annually by the Data Science Initiative. Our goal is to bring together researchers from different areas of expertise to discuss issues with computation and society. On Thursday, February 10, EFF Legislative Activist Hayley Tsukayama will...


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