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2021 Year in Review

2021 ended up being a time where we dug into our new realities of distributed work and the ever-changing COVID news. At the same time, news continued to come fast and furious, with the events of one week often obliterating memories of the week before. So it’s helpful for all...

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EFF's Year-End Challenge

Support EFF for the future of digital privacy, free speech, and the open web! If you donate by December 31, 2021 and you’ll help EFF unlock 7 challenge grants—from $500 to $20,000—that increase in size as the number of donors grows. Every supporter counts!Digital privacy, security, and free speech lift...

Podcast Episode: The Life of the (Crypto) Party

Matt Mitchell, founder of CryptoHarlem, has an exciting solution for helping undo the damage that pervasive surveillance has done to those who are most profoundly impacted by it. Join EFF as we talk with Matt—and learn more about how education, transparency, and building trust can increase privacy and safety for...
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EFF v. San Bernardino County Superior Court (stingray transparency)

EFF is seeking to make public court records that would show how law enforcement in San Bernardino County, California use cell-site simulators and other invasive surveillance technologies. In 2019, EFF petitioned the San Bernardino County Superior Court to review and unseal 22 search warrants that appear to be sealed in...

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Apple’s Android App to Scan for AirTags is a Necessary Step Forward, But More Anti-Stalking Mitigations Are Needed

This post has been updated to say that Tracker Detect is available internationally.We’re pleased to see Apple has come out with an Android app called Tracker Detect that addresses some of the serious threats to privacy and safety we identified with Apple AirTags when they debuted. Quarter-sized Bluetooth-enabled...


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