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Pass the Payment Choice Act

A growing number of retail businesses are refusing to let their customers pay in cash. This is bad for privacy. Higher-tech payment methods, like credit cards and online payment systems, often create an indelible record of what we bought, and at what time and place. How can you...

EFF at Dragon Con: Hacking 101

EFF's Kurt Opsahl will join Xavier Ashe, Ray Kelly, Rebecca Carlson, Tania Lamothe, and Keith Watson for a discussion on all things Hacking. Just what is a hacker anyway? Hacking 101 returns for another glorious year! The event will be moderated by Dustin Smith.

EFF at Dragon Con: Watchparty: The EARN-IT Act, LAEDA and Other Threats to Encryption

EFF's Kurt Opsahl will join Ron Daniels, Rebecca Carlson, Eric Simmons, Dwayne Keith Goetzel, and Tania Lamothe for a discussion on how Congress is considering mandating encryption backdoors by either conditionally withdrawing Section 230 protections from the Communications Decency Act (the EARN-IT Act), or a more direct approach (LAEDA). The...

EFF at Dragon Con: Ask the EFF/Meet the EFA

EFF's Kurt Opsahl, Nash Sheard, Hayley Tsukayama, and Erica Portnoy will join Fabian Rogers from STOP for an open forum to ask questions with panelists from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Alliance. We’ll do a short explanation of what the Electronic Frontier Alliance is and how your...

EFF Pilots an Audio Version of EFFector

Today, we are launching an audio version of our monthly-ish newsletter EFFector to give you a new way to learn about the latest in online freedom, and offer greater accessibility to anyone who is visually impaired or would just like to listen!Listen Now!Surveillance Shouldn’t Be a Prerequisite for an...


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