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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

EFF Membership: 2023 Year In Review

Throughout the many years that EFF has been around, our goal has remained consistent: creating a future where you have your rights when you go online, and one where they are enhanced by new technologies. But our goal isn't the only part of EFF that has remained consistent: for decades,...

2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

Recent Surveillance Revelations, Enduring Latin American Issues: 2023 Year in Review

The challenges in ensuring strong privacy safeguards, proper oversight of surveillance powers, and effective remedy for those arbitrarily affected continued during 2023 in Latin America. Let’s take a few, non-exhaustive, examples.We saw a scandal unveiling that Brazilian Intelligence agents monitored movements of politicians, journalists, lawyers, police officers, and...

2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

The Last Mile of Encrypting the Web: 2023 Year in Review

At the start of 2023, we sunsetted the HTTPS Everywhere web extension. It encrypted browser communications with websites and made sure users benefited from the protection of HTTPS wherever possible. HTTPS Everywhere ended because all major browsers now offer the functionality to make HTTPS the default. This is due to...

2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

Protecting Encryption And Privacy In The US: 2023 Year in Review

EFF believes you have the right to have a private conversation–in the physical world, and in the digital world. The best technology to protect that right is end-to-end encryption. Governments around the world are working hard to monitor online conversations, far beyond the bounds of traditional targeted law enforcement. 2023...

2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

Corporate Spy Tech and Inequality: 2023 Year in Review

Our personal data and the ways private companies harvest and monetize it plays an increasingly powerful role in modern life. Throughout 2023, corporations have continued to collect our personal data, sell it to governments, use it to reach inferences about us, and exacerbate existing structural inequalities across society. EFF is...

Image that says "Year-End Challenge" on a purple and pink background with a blue star

EFF Has a Guiding Star 🌠

To live in the modern world is to interact with technology in ways that are wonderful—and others that are an absolute pain in the butt. It's not fair to trade in your dignity or safety, and that’s why people like you stand with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Will you keep...
2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

Surveillance and the U.S.-Mexico Border: 2023 Year in Review

The U.S.-Mexico border continues to be one of the most politicized spaces in the country, with leaders in both political parties supporting massive spending on border security, including technological solutions such as the so-called "virtual wall." We spent the year documenting surveillance technologies at the border and the impacts on...


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