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Senate Hearing on Section 702

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 about Section 702, as enacted by the FISA Amendments Act. The U.S. government claims that law authorizes the warrantless Internet surveillance of millions of innocent Americans and people around the world. EFF will be liveblogging that hearing...

Small Business Fights for its Life, Wins with Alice

Michael Skelps was celebrating on New Year’s Eve with family and friends when he got a strange email from a lawyer. It said that Michael’s company, Capstone Photography, had just been sued for patent infringement. Michael went from celebrating to worrying about whether his small company would survive. Capstone is...
Ken, Alice Stories

The Patent Troll and the Scavenger Hunt

Ken Cooper runs a small business out of his home. Unfortunately Ken’s business was not so small that it avoided the notice of a patent troll. Ken has been writing code since 1973. His life in programming has ranged from small personal projects to founding a software company that was...

Copyright Law Shouldn’t Pick Winners

Mandatory Filtering Proposals Curb Competition When looking at a proposed policy regulating Internet businesses, here’s a good question to ask yourself: would this bar new companies from competing with the current big players? Google will probably be fine, but what about the next Google? In the past few years,...


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