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brazil fake news bill

FAQ: Why Brazil’s Plan to Mandate Traceability in Private Messaging Apps Will Break User’s Expectation of Privacy and Security

Despite widespread complaints about its effects on human rights, the Brazilian Senate has fast-tracked the approval of “PLS 2630/2020”, the so-called “Fake News” bill. The bill lacked the necessarily broad and intense social participation that characterized the development of the 2014 Brazilian Civil Rights...

STOP x RadTech: Practical Cybersecurity for Activists and Organizers

STOP x RadTech: Practical Cybersecurity for Activists and OrganizersFrom the Organizers:Last month we heard about the centuries-old tradition of U.S. state surveillance of activists, protestors, and people of color in order to suppress social movements, penalize free speech, and enact violence on marginalized groups seeking justice. Unfortunately, that legacy extends...


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