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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Apple Lays Foundation for DMCA Lawsuits?

Apple's new product announcements this week may have laid the foundation for the next round of DMCA lawsuits. It sure looks like Apple is using the DMCA to block competition, rather than stop "piracy."First suspect: ringtones on the iPhone. Just before the Apple announcement of its new ringtone offerings...

Visit and Fight for Your Freedom Now!

The president is unconstitutionally wiretapping the telephone and Internet communications of millions of ordinary Americans. Telecom giants want to block lawsuits like EFF's case against AT&T and get immunity for their illegal collaboration with the president's program.
And now Congress is threatening to let them get away with it.

Back to School for Reading, Writing, and RIAA Lawsuits?

EFF Releases Comprehensive Report on Recording Industry's Litigation Campaign San Francisco - As college students across the country head back to class this fall, they need to worry about more than keeping up on their schoolwork. The Recording Industry of America (RIAA) continues to target college campuses for hundreds of...

Spy Chief Admits Telcos Collaborated With NSA Spying

In a lengthy and revealing interview, the Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell admitted that telecommunications companies collaborated with the NSA's massive domestic spying.
Of course, it's long been an open secret that the government is engaging in dragnet surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans and ...

EFF Challenges Bogus Patent on Internet Subdomains

Illegitimate Patent Used to Threaten Website Hosting Companies San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is challenging a bogus patent on Internet subdomains that has been used to threaten small businesses and innovators. Ideaflood, a self-proclaimed "intellectual property holding company," used this illegitimate patent to demand payment from website...


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