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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

Taking Back the Web with Decentralization: 2023 in Review

When a system becomes too tightly-controlled and centralized, the people being squeezed tend to push back to reclaim their lost autonomy. The internet is no exception. While the internet began as a loose affiliation of universities and government bodies, that emergent digital commons has been increasingly privatized and consolidated into...

2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

Protecting Students from Faulty Software and Legislation: 2023 Year in Review

Lawmakers, schools districts, educational technology companies and others keep rolling out legislation and software that threatens students’ privacy, free speech, and access to social media, in the name of “protecting” children. At EFF, we fought back against this overreach and demand accountability and transparency.Bad bills and invasive monitoring systems, though...

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Just a Little Does a Whole Lot

You might’ve heard that most of EFF’s funding comes from regular people’s modest donations—we’re proud of that. But did you know that EFF members who donate $10 or less each month raised over $400,000 for digital rights this year?
2023 Year in Review (text animated to change colors)

EFF Membership: 2023 Year In Review

Throughout the many years that EFF has been around, our goal has remained consistent: creating a future where you have your rights when you go online, and one where they are enhanced by new technologies. But our goal isn't the only part of EFF that has remained consistent: for decades,...


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