During the holiday season you’ll see lots of appeals from worthy causes. Wherever your heart is, there's little doubt that technology amplifies voices and helps build community around the issues that matter most to you. That’s why the Electronic Frontier Foundation fights for your right to express yourself, connect to friends, and explore ideas online. And it's also why EFF needs your help during our Year-End Challenge.

Digital privacy, security, and free speech lift up all the efforts to make the dark corners of the world a little brighter. Will you help EFF work toward a better digital future for everyone?

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Count yourself in during the Year-End Challenge and you'll help EFF receive up to $46,500 in grants gathered by EFF's board of directors. As the number of online rights supporters grows (see the counter!), EFF can unlock a series of seven challenge grants—from $500 to $20,000—that grow larger after we reach each milestone. No matter the size of the donation, every supporter counts.

Your Support Means a Better Web for Everybody

EFF owes every success to members around the world backing tech users’ rights. This year EFF fended off Apple’s plan for dangerous device-scanning; celebrated one of the largest state investments in public fiber broadband; helped convince the U.S. Supreme Court to reject an overbroad interpretation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; took legal action to stop police surveillance of protesters; and kept sanity in conversations about online content moderation and censorship. And that’s just a few highlights!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer, a caretaker, an artist, or a political activist—you can power the work necessary for a brighter future together (and unlock additional grants before the year ends!). Please consider making a contribution today.

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