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"Doing Recent History" Panel at the 2022 American Political History Conference

At a moment when democracy is under assault in the U.S. and abroad, and when grassroots activism is rapidly and radically altering the terms of political debate, U.S. political history has been thriving, both inside the academy and in the wider world of activism, journalism, and politics. This conference aims...

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When DRM Comes For Your Wheelchair

Making it easier for people who use powered wheelchairs to get them fixed won’t solve all the other problems with powered wheelchairs: it won’t solve the problem of being forced to use indoor chairs outdoors; it won’t solve the problem of a market concentrated into the hands of two companies...
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Sprachbezogene Straftaten sollten aus dem vorgeschlagenen UN-Vertrag über Cyberkriminalität ausgeschlossen werden

Die Regierungen sollten die Menschen vor Cyberkriminalität schützen, und gleichzeitig die Menschenrechte achten und verteidigen. Weltweit missbrauchen Regierungen jedoch routinemäßig Gesetze zur Cyberkriminalität, um gegen die Menschenrechte vorzugehen, indem sie die Meinungsäußerung kriminalisieren. Die Regierungen behaupten, sie müssten dies tun, um unter anderem Desinformation, „religiösen, ethnischen oder sektiererischen Hass“, „Rehabilitierung...

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EFF to Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Colombia’s Surveillance of Human Rights-Defending Lawyers Group Violated International Law

EFF, Article 19, Fundación Karisma, and Privacy International, represented by Berkeley Law’s International Human Rights Law Clinic, urged the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to rule that Colombia’s existing legal framework regulating intelligence activities, and the unlawful and arbitrary surveillance of members of the Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers Collective...

Axon Must Not Arm Drones with Tasers

Taser and surveillance vendor Axon has proposed what it claims to be the solution to the epidemic of school shootings in the United States: a remote-controlled flying drone armed with a taser. For many many reasons, this is a dangerous idea. Armed drones would mission-creep their way into more...

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San Francisco Police Nailed for Violating Public Records Laws Regarding Face Recognition and Fusion Center Documents

By unanimous vote, San Francisco's public records appeals body ruled last night that the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) violated state and local laws when it failed to respond adequately to EFF's requests for documents about face recognition and the department's relationship with the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC),...


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