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EFF v. San Bernardino County Superior Court (stingray transparency)

EFF is seeking to make public court records that would show how law enforcement in San Bernardino County, California use cell-site simulators and other invasive surveillance technologies. In 2019, EFF petitioned the San Bernardino County Superior Court to review and unseal 22 search warrants that appear to be sealed in...

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Apple’s Android App to Scan for AirTags is a Necessary Step Forward, But More Anti-Stalking Mitigations Are Needed

This post has been updated to say that Tracker Detect is available internationally.We’re pleased to see Apple has come out with an Android app called Tracker Detect that addresses some of the serious threats to privacy and safety we identified with Apple AirTags when they debuted. Quarter-sized Bluetooth-enabled...

Podcast Episode: A Better Future Starts with Secret Codes

Podcast Episode 105Law enforcement wants to force companies to build a backdoor to the software that runs on your phones, tablets, and other devices. This would allow easier access to the information on your device and the information that flows through it, including your private communications with others, the websites...

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Digital Services Act: Hauptausschuss des EU-Parlaments lehnt ein Filternet ab, aber Bedenken bleiben bestehen

Reparieren, was kaputt ist oder kaputt machen, was funktioniert: Pendeln zwischen politischen EntscheidungenDer Digital Services Act (DSA) der Europäischen Union ist eine große Sache. Es handelt sich um die bedeutendste Reform der europäischen Rechtsvorschriften für Internetplattformen seit zwanzig Jahren. Die EU-Kommission hat zahlreiche neue Regeln vorgeschlagen, um die Herausforderungen...

مؤسسة الجبهة الإلكترونية نيابة عن ناشطة حقوقية سعودية، تقاضي صانع برامج التجسس دارك ماتر لانتهاك قوانين مكافحة القرصنة الأمريكية والقوانين الدولية لحقوق الإنسان

English version بورتلاند، أوريغون - رفعت مؤسسة الجبهة الإلكترونية (EFF) دعوى قضائية اليوم نيابة عن الناشطة السعودية البارزة في مجال حقوق الإنسان لجين الهذلول ضد شركة دارك ماتر لبرامج التجسس وثلاثة من مديريها التنفيذيين السابقين بتهمة اختراق جهاز آيفون الخاص بها بشكل سري غير قانوني لتتبع اتصالاتها وأماكن وجودها.الهذلول...

Cindy Cohn at PrivChat's Privacy Is a Human Right

Join EFF's Cindy Cohn at TorProject’s PrivChat Privacy is a Human Right virtual event. In this 6th edition of PrivChat, we're bringing together a group of panelists with direct experience as activists or working with activist groups who will talk about their experiences with surveillance and privacy.Cindy Cohn, will be...


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