We at EFF are always excited to unveil new ways for our technically skilled community to help expand and defend our rights online. And time and again our members demonstrate an unbelievable drive and ability to take action in truly game-changing ways. Look at what happened when we asked coders earlier this year to help EFF build our new open-source tool to contact members of Congress. We thought the project would take weeks, but we finished it in two days. That’s because 142 volunteer coders joined forces to help. We were in awe.

Now, in that similar spirit, we are excited to announce yet another way digital rights defenders can help out: Coding with EFF. Join us.

Alongside our policy and legal work, we maintain software projects to defend freedom and enhance privacy and security online.

With the SSL Observatory and Panopticlick, we do data-based research that has improved the behavior of secure websites and tracking networks. HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger, our browser extensions, give hundreds of thousands of users the safety and privacy they need to use the web confidently. STARTTLS Everywhere is pushing industry to implement better email encryption. The Open Wireless Movement aims to improve WiFi router security and performance so that people are comfortable sharing Internet access.

We run these projects with a very small technical team, and with the help of our members and the Internet community—that's you. All of our work is released under free software licenses. We do development and maintenance in public forums and we welcome contributors of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Here are a few examples of work we could use help on:

  • Add more automated tests to HTTPS Everywhere.
  • Make Open Wireless run under qemu or give it translation support.
  • Write tests and translate the UI for Privacy Badger.
  • Find a task that interests you in any project's issue tracker, or file your own.

Visit our Coding with EFF page, find a project you like, join the mailing list, and dive right in.

We're also hiring a full-time Staff Technologist or Senior Staff Technologist. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.