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Computer security and the lack of computer security is a fundamental issue that underpins much of how the Internet does (and doesn't) function. Many of the policy issues that EFF works on are linked to security in deep ways including privacy and anonymity, DRM, censorship, and network neutrality.

EFF works directly on a wide range of security issues including increased deployment of cryptographic protocols through projects like HTTPS Everywhere and Certbot; improving the security of those protocols with the SSL Observatory; offering legal assistance to researchers through our Coders' Rights Project; offering practical security advice to activists through the surveillance self-defense project; directly auditing open source codebases; and working on the development of new security standards.

Security Highlights

Encrypting the Web

The web is in the middle of a massive change from non-secure HTTP to the more secure HTTPS protocol. All web servers use one of these two protocols to get web pages from the server to your browser. HTTP has serious problems that make it vulnerable to eavesdropping and content...

Coders' Rights Project

EFF's Coders' Rights Project protects programmers and developers engaged in cutting-edge exploration of technology. Security and encryption researchers help build a safer future for all of us using digital technologies, but too many legitimate researchers face serious legal challenges that prevent or inhibit their work. These challenges come from laws...

Security Updates

2012 in Review: Blackout Protests Against Blacklist Bills

As the year draws to a close, EFF looks back at the major trends influencing digital rights in 2012 and discussing where we are in the fight for free expression, innovation, fair use, and privacy. Click here to read other blog posts in this series.
Coming into 2012,...

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عادت الانترنت إلى سوريا، و عادت برامج تجسس تستهدف الناشطين السوريين

This post was translated from English to Arabic by Nadim Kobeissi
الجمعة الماضية، عندما تم نظام بشار الأسد بفصل الانترنت لمدة ثلاثة أيام، أحد العناوين ال-IP القليلة التي ظلت موصولة كان عنوان متورط بمحاولة جارية لمراقبة الناشطين السوريين منذ تشرين الثاني من سنة 2011. هذا العنوان متورط بتوزيع...


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